Deadly new Virus Called Fareit has just been Unleashed

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Staying Protected

  1. Think before you click.  Are you expecting this email?  Do you know the sender?  Are the links going to a secure website (https://)?
  2. Update your operating system (OS) and programs.  Our computers typically do a decent job of letting us know when things need to be updated.  But are we doing it, or are we clicking on “Ignore” or “Remind Me Tomorrow”?  Understandably, it may be an inconvenience to update your PC right that second, but you need to make time to do it as soon as possible.  Program updates are not just about getting the latest and greatest features, but also used to patch any security gaps that were found in the previous version.  If you choose not to update, you could be leaving the door open to hackers.
  3. Use a security solution that uses application whitelisting in a real-time setting.  What the heck does that mean??  Using a whitelist to protect your computer will confirm any applications that attempt to execute have been tested and categorized as trusted.  For example, the most recent Fareit malware cannot execute on a computer using PC Matic’s security solution because the application whitelisting agent, SuperShield, would scan the disguised PDF in real-time and determine it has not been tested and proven trusted.  Therefore, it would block it from downloading.

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